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Sika Liquid Plastics

Sika Liquid Plastics is a revolutionary form of waterproofing that will offer your roofing the latest and most efficient protection available on the market. Produced by the highly respected Sika AG, liquid membranes are essential if you are serious about giving your property the highest level of protection.

What Are Sika Liquid Plastics?

Liquid plastics is the name given to the use of plastic membranes for roofing purposes. Similarly to other Sika AG products, this is a very flexible product that has a huge range of different applications. It is one of the most effective waterproofing products available on the market. The liquid rubber will be cold applied onto the desired surface by an experienced Volsen employee.

Pioneered by Sika AG, liquid systems are completely seamless. The main product used for waterproofing roofs is Decothane. During every application of Decothane, Volsen will ensure that there will that the disturbance to you and your property will be kept to an absolute minimum. This is helped by the fact that the liquid plastic coating dries quite quickly. Decothane will be cold applied to the desired surface which reduces the risk of fire in the installation period.

The Benefits of Sika Liquid Plastics

      • Extremely waterproof
      • Seamless
      • Can be used on all types of roofs and surfaces
      • Quick drying application
      • Cold application
      • Has UV resistant qualities
      • Guarantee product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty
      • Minimal disruption to you and your business

What Types Of Buildings And Roofs Will Benefit From Sika Liquid Plastics?

Sika Liquid plastics can be used to waterproof the following surfaces: flat roofs, pitched roofs, associated walls, walkways and balconies.

For more information on our Sika liquid plastics waterproofing services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Volsen today.