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Pitched Roofing Benefits 


Pitched roofing continues to be the most popular roofing service in the UK, largely due to the advantages they provide with housing additional storage space, alongside superior performance for drainage and their longevity and durability.

Here at Volsen, we understand that choosing the right roof solution for your project is essential to give your project the right look and feel. Our experienced team of estimators can help you understand how to get the most out of your project and which roofing solution is most suited to your needs. Modern building projects often combine elements of pitched and flat roofing in their design. With the introduction of our pitched roofing service, you can benefit from the peace of mind of having just one roofing contractor on site, to deliver your complete roofing package.

Our reputation as an installer of quality, flat roof products to a high specification is now available within our Pitched Roofing services.

Benefits of Pitched Roofing include:

  • Traditional Aesthetic – Many home owners prefer the ‘traditional’ and ‘homely’ aura that it provides.
  • Lifespan – depending on the type of tile used, natural slate for example, has a life span which exceeds 100 years.
  • Storage – The additional storage area created, often referred to as an attic or loft, is one of the main benefits that a pitched roofing structure provides.
  • Drainage - The natural design of these roofs supports natural drainage and significantly reduces issues of pooling water

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